Risk Management

Risk Management

Weam and Company Limited provides comprehensive engineering services within technical safety and HSE risk assessment. Drawing on our years of industry experience, we combine a proactive and integrated multidisciplinary approach to create designs with a strong early-stage and continual focus on identifying and mitigating HSE risks.

Our expert team consists of specialists within technical safety, loss prevention, risk assessment, fire and explosion analysis, and HSE management. We have an excellent track record in the delivery of specialist expertise and consultancy at all project stages.

Our services within Risk Management and technical safety cover

Design HSE planning, design HSE risk management and HSE management systems

Design HSE workshops (HAZID, ENVID, HAZOP, FMECA, etc.)

Safety philosophy, safety requirement specifications (SRS) and process shutdown philosophy

Area classification and safety plot plan drawings

Safety design review and Verification. Based on our extensive technical safety expertise, we crry out third-party design verification to ensure that designs comply with industy's codes, standards and national safety requirements.