Simulation Studies

Simulation Studies

Our process simulation experts can apply their extensive Steady State and Dynamic simulation knowledge as part of a wide range of studies and projects, using almost any commercial process simulator.

For clients that would also like to engage in a process simulation knowledge transfer, Weam and Company Limited can combine its project services with customised training, ensuring that: The know-how that Weam uses when carrying out the project is shared with client engineers, getting the most value out of the developed model.

As part of steady-state and dynamic simulation studies, we do

Operator training simulator (OTS)

Refinery Wide modelling/troubleshooting

Flare radiation studies

Hydraulic studies

Simulation of Upstream oil and gas production facilities (flowstations, CPF, LNG etc)

Gas Treatment Simulation studies

Flare network design and rating

Safety Studies (Blowdown and Depresurring studies, Firewater systems design, etc)

Flow Assurance studies

By using dynamic pipeline simulation, Our engineers can determine static hydraulic effects in pipelines and the transient behaviour of them during upset conditions

Flow Assurance Analysis is a critical activity on field development at different project phase, from conceptual studies stages up to a detailed designs.

If you are interested not only in the project’s results, but you would also like to engage in a simulation knowledge transfer, we can combine our project services with customised training that ensures exactly that: The know-how that we used when carrying out the project is shared with your engineers to ensure they will get the most value out of the developed model.

Our Flow Assurance studies include

Transient thermohydraulics during rump-up and ramp-down

Optimal design for the operating envelope

Analysis of hydrates, wax, asphaltenes, corrosion, emulsions, scale and sand for Flow Assurance

Pigging sequence analysis

Slug reduction, surge and control

Process and control system design