Flaresim Software

Flaresim Software

Flare System Design and Evaluation

Simulator used for the design and evaluation of flare systems. The program calculates thermal radiation and noise generated by flares and estimates the temperatures of exposed surfaces. It handles multiple tip configurations on vertical, horizontal or inclined stacks. FLARESIM is used by flare system vendors, Engineering & Construction Companies and Operating Companies worldwide.


  • Applicable to the design of flare systems for offshore platforms, gas plants, refineries and chemical plants.
  • Correlations for modelling a range of flare tips including sonic tips, pipeflare tips and steam/air assisted tips.
  • Multiple correlations to predict the emissivity of a wide range of hydrocarbon fluids with different flare tips.
  • Liquid flaring systems can be handled
  • Wide range of algorithms for calculation of thermal radiations including multi-elements points, diffuse method, mixed method, etc.
  • Full 3D flame shape analysis with complete flexibility in specification of the location and orientation of multiple stacks.
  • Range of options for analysing the noise spectrum generated by flare systems including users defined noise spectra.
  • Multiple environmental scenarios allowing rapid evaluation of flare system under different wind speeds and directions.
  • Unlimited combinations of stacks, booms and flare tips.
  • Calculation of radiation, noise spectrum and surface temperatures at multiple receptor points etc.